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I had been home from work sick for a few days and was dealing with the guilt that my co workers had to work harder because of it.  The words in italics are what I call, divinely guided.  I can always tell the difference because my conscious thoughts are full of woulda, coulda, shoulda, but the inner wisdom/higher guidance ones are always comforting and loving.  They’re not hard on me like I am on myself.


You feel better today.  You took the time to give yourself what your body needed.  Your spirit followed suit.  It was refreshed with time out from your responsibilities. Being responsible is necessary, but looking at where that responsibility lies is another matter.  Too often we do not see beyond work and we loose site of ourselves.  We worry about the impact of our absence and we spend our weakened energy focused outside of ourselves.  We, means you, the collective human experience.  You loose sight of where the responsibility ultimately lies.  Of course you know the answer now.  The task is to learn it well and remember in times of illness or adversity that the responsibility lies within.  Without the time taken to repair and renew, the effects of your outward efforts are lessened.  Productivity and quality are lost and honor, above all, is lacking.  To nurture you as one worthy of ultimate care, free of guilt is honoring yourself.  The guilt arises only if we let it in as a response to others who place their honor and care above your own.  You alone are responsible for recognizing your need and paying homage to it.  Your need yesterday and today is to get physically well.  We are giving you the information to recognize the value of that above all else, for this is your true mission, this is the mission for all of humanity; to recognize their individual needs- those that honor their spirit and then caring for it with loving intention.


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