Written 9/10/08                                   

As I sat in front of the mirror getting ready for work this morning, I noticed that the vertical lines above my upper lip were more pronounced.  It hit me hard since I had been under the misconception that I was looking younger than my age.   Since having a birthday less than a month ago, the unstoppable progression of age has been in my thoughts.  Of course I’d rather see the years tick by, than not, so I want to learn how to embrace it.  I wondered if my higher guidance might give me some insight, an alternative perception that would help me see beyond the lines and age spots and diminish them in my eyes.  I was very grateful to be given this insight when I wrote this morning.   

You ask about inner beauty and how to feel better as you age, as you see the effects of time on your body.  Beauty has no definition since it is defined by the observer.  It has no set form; it is different for each of us.  It transcends the physical and inner beauty is able to be defined by the feelings that result.  In its formless state, it sets the tone for relationships with self and others.  It is essence and its essence produces results that feel good.  Feeling good is a state to pursue and when it is found, it is one to keep.  One who is able to produce this state and affect self or others with it, has beauty within.  The beauty of spirit recognized.  It lives beyond the human body’s life.  It is timeless.  When you look at your wrinkles and the effects of age, understand that the beauty within must be recognized to promote feeling good.  An unwrinkled face produces elusive and fleeting moments that we call feeling good; however, they do not last.  Remember that inside is where the true beauty resides and it can be awakened by acknowledging its presence.

As a reread my guided writing, it is obvious that the words repeated throughout were ‘feeling good’.  That seems logical since my preoccupation with my aging face has been causing me to not feel so good.  Because thoughts produce feelings, I wanted to change my thoughts to those that would make me feel good.  I don’t want to feel old, or unattractive and I really do want to see beyond the external signs of aging.  I know that if I don’t, my inner dialogue will be anything but beautiful and I know that is sure to reflect how I am viewed; by myself and others..  I’d much rather be happy with myself and hope that other people see that in me too.


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Written 11/25/08

It struck me recently just how significant it is that my daughter and I are sharing the journey of our lives. Although separate, we are together and the tie that binds is one that can’t be seen, only felt, if acknowledged. How I have taken for granted the one relationship that is always with me, part of the fiber of my being and the one that I pray will be with me until I am no more. It is wondrous and magnificent that such a bond exists. How is it possible to explain or define it? All the spoken “I love you’s” don’t even touch its depth. It is a wordless understanding that only comes with recognition of the power of this life long link. In our case, the bond has been only strengthened and not weakened by another sibling or parent for her or another child or husband for me. In its strength, we have allowed each other to live separately and grow individually but always with support and love. I am so thankful to not only have this wonderful relationship with my daughter, but to also have this awareness just two days before Thanksgiving. This has been the most profound relationship of my life and an honor to share it with my daughter Karen.

Divine wisdom:
There are no further words needed or emotions to express. It is a tribute of love from your heart which has opened to fully experience giving and receiving it. Let there be no doubt that the old fortress, the wall you built around your heart for protection is gone forever. Love is free to come and go and the warmth radiates through and from you with its entire splendor. That was what you saw in your grandson’s face, in his smile the other day. It was a mirror, reflecting back what you so easily now give and yes, it was amazing and inspiring to see.

Thank you.

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