With Divine Inspiration:

Although I started  journaling 28 years ago as a way of  letting off steam and getting insight about what ever was going on in my life, I was usually left without direction or answers.  I kept writing though because I felt it was healing .  Several years ago, I began meditating and would follow the meditation with writing.  Eventually, my writing changed and answers and guidance began flowing from some place inside of me that I didn’t know existed.  There was a level of wisdom, love  and comfort that was way beyond my consciousness.  The more I wrote, the more the answers came and they were so profound that I had to believe I had tapped into my inner wisdom or the universal source of energy that we all have within us.   I began to trust the guidance because I was never disappointed in the direction I received.  In fact, this became my ‘go to’ place when ever I needed, because I found strength  and answers there.  I  wrote about my thoughts or concerns and then asked for help.  The words would come into my head one at a time and I’d write them as they came.  Each time I finished and read it, I was totally amazed.  I started to share some of my writing with friends who told me  that in reading  my innermost thoughts, fears, insecurities and more,  they identified with what I was going through and that it inspired them to also face whatever they needed to.  It gave them hope that if  I could access this kind of help, support and love, then they could too.  This thrilled me and gave me the courage to reveal myself further as a way to show how absolutely incredible this inner source of wisdom is and the profound impact it can have on living the best life possible.

My hope for this blog is that it will give people the belief, courage and desire to know that they too can connect to this divine source and that they are not alone on their road to happiness, love, health, contentment and peace.

Through Pics and Musings:

There’s a lot to learn about life from pictures too.  My grandchildren give me lots to think about but I’ll also post other pictures.  I hope to post  a pic and muse at least once a week so please come back and take a look.  

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